UPDATE on LizardFS project

As most of you will have noticed, the LizardFS project has been lacking commitment to the community, and development for the past I would say 2 years. It’s time for a change and I think you will agree. Very recently the project and company have had new owners, new management, and new developers. I hope the community still has a glimmer of faith in LizardFS. We have a lot of plans and ideas of how to get LizardFS back to its former glory and way beyond that.

First, I hope you will understand the mess we have taken over, including a large financial burden that we need to work our way out of. With a new team, we will need a little patience from the community while they get up to speed. 3.13.0-rc1 was a total disaster, but it does have lots of good stuff in it and basically 4 major bugs + lots of minor bugs, so we plan to continue forward with that (remember 3.12 is rock solid for any production clusters meanwhile), and we will make 3.13 the way it should have been in the first place.

What I propose is that we are totally transparent with our roadmap and flexible enough to listen to the community’s needs. Below is our plan until the end of the year and the first quarter of 2020.

End of October release of 3.13.0-rc2: 2 major bug fixes issue #780 and #662. Plus lots of minor bug fixes and several enhancements. End of December release of full bulletproof version 3.13 with everything that was promised before but working this time.

In the 2nd quarter, we will have the first installment of the agama project, a new mount that will give you minimum 3 times better performance than 3.12 ever produced.

Going further at the moment would be dreaming and just blah blah blah, I prefer to keep it realistic, follow through with what is promised and allow for the community to get behind the project again, then we can plan the rest of 2020 together.

I hope this shows a commitment from us to the project.

If any of the community would like to share knowledge and experience with our devs, it can only help their learning process and also help build a stronger community, we’ve opened up a gitter room for direct communication with the team to help this process. As always any help in bug fixing, enhancements, functionalities, testing the community would like to take part in, will be graciously accepted.

Let’s make LizardFS great again!