Community article #9

Hi, everyone, my name is Kyle and I am a System Administrator in an American IT company. I speak English; as for coding – that would be bash and Powershell.

I haven’t worked with any Software-Defined Storage solutions before, so LizardFS was my first experience. I have chosen LizardFS as its documentation was a little better than competitors’. What was also important to me is its simplicity.

I have been using LizardFS for around a year. It is a stable 3.12.0 version. My cluster has 12 chunkservers and 25 TiB disc capacity. LizardFS creates 3 replicas of every chunk for redundancy.

Based on my experience I could say that I like LizardFS’ interface and the ease of adding new chunks – the system is perfectly scalable vertically and horizontally. Though I did commend the documentation earlier, I do wish it was a little more fleshed out. I.e. how do permissions work on LizardFS, best practices, disaster recovery scenarios. Parts of the docs are vague. Can’t think of anything else, I would like to see added/changed to LizardFS, at the moment.

If you ask me whether I would recommend LizardFS – my answer will be yes.