LizardFS developer’s article #2

Hi, my name is Przemysław (pronounced pshemyswav), Przemek for short.

I come from Poland. I was born in Lublin. I could give you details like it’s the ninth-largest city in Poland etc, but it’s just another ordinary city in Poland. Nothing particularly interesting about it to be honest.

After high school in Lublin I moved to Warsaw (the capital city of Poland) to study IT at Warsaw University of Technology, where I’m doing my bachelor’s. During my studies, I worked as an intern at Samsung where I was part of a team developing and maintaining a C/C++ library for IoT devices to communicate with cloud services. There I also created a simple but versatile cloud-service-mocking framework that helps in testing this library.

I speak English and Polish. I know C, C++, Java, Python, Kotlin (Android). I have most experience programming in C++ and I use it on a daily basis – especially nowadays as I work as part of LizardFS team.

LizardFS: It’s open-source, it’s interesting, intimidating at first, but very exciting to work on. It makes use of low-level APIs, clever optimizations, exotic high-performance data structures, and various open-source third-party libraries. There is always something new to discover in its source code. On the other hand, that’s also why it is so difficult and time-consuming to become familiar with. But it surely is a rewarding process. There are many things I have learned from its code already.

Right now we focus mainly on fixing bugs, most of which have been detected by the project’s community (thanks for that). While doing it, we try to put some effort into increasing the code quality of the parts concerning the bugs, where necessary. After that, an idea I have is to parallelize the master implementation, which currently is the main bottleneck of LizardFS, to speed up filesystem operations performed on Lizard.

I envisage LizardFS in the not-too-distant future as being a well-known solution that people trust, are satisfied with, and willingly use in their environments. I would love it to become one of the top players in the field of storage solutions, one that is identified with high availability and being open-source.

More about me:

We have had some interest from the community to take part in this series of articles, they will come shortly.