Community Article #6

My name is Carlo Daffara, from Udine, Italy. A very small town 100KM north-east of Venice.

I speak Italian and English; as for coding- I started many, many years ago with 6502 assembly and Pascal. Now, mostly Go, Bash, and some python.
I have worked in the field of distributed systems for a long time; mostly in parallel file systems for HPC.

LizardFS was chosen as our solution as it’s flexible, efficient and allows for lots of customization. We have been using it since 2014 as the distributed file system within our product (NodeWeaver).

What I like most about LizardFS is it’s flexible and lightweight.

Due to some recent instabilities, we had to create our own tree… we hope that with the management change and new development team this can be resolved.

I would love to see more efficient handling of replication; multiple labels per chunkserver in upcoming versions of LizardFS.