LizardFS 3.12 official release.


It is official now. After a few weeks of tests with positive feedback from the community and our beta testers, LizardFS 3.12 is out.

With promising initial feedback like: “it’s a huge step forward” or “with RichACLs there is no doubt it is a great enterprise product” we cannot wait to hear the outcomes after your upgrades.

Install it, run it and let us know.

We will be updating you with more details soon – so stay tuned.

Things that we improved:

Documentation – corrected install guide and few other details.

Things added:

Completely new Windows Client with rich ACLs support, improved performance (200%) and stability (eliminated problems after one of the OS updates).

Rest looks just as great as before:


– nfs-ganesha plugin

– RichACL – a new POSIX + NFSv4 compatible ACL standard

– OSX ACL support through osxfuse

– ACL in-memory deduplication

– file lock fixes

– AVX2 support for erasure code goals

– MinGW compilation fixes

– more flexible chunkserver options

– many fixes