Elasticsearch Storage

LizardFS has native clients for Linux, MacOSX and Windows which are visible as a mount point or additional letter of the drive. You can also use NFS. This way you can connect nearly any application to LizardFS and pinpoint its location for sending the logs.

Because Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana are Linux based applications they can also have mounted LizardFS and see the logs that were saved by the applications.

This way you can take advantage of Erasure Coding over simple replica and save up to 70% of your storage.


Media companies are facing more and more challenges with the growth of resolution and the quality of the material coming from film sets. With 4k already becoming a standard resolution and 8k just around the corner, requirements for both storage and performance are growing exponentially.

LizardFS enables you to easily scale your storage up and with capacity also grow the performance. You can even boost your current setup by simply replacing Hardware components (by adding more memory, SSD drives or replacing network cards).

Education / Science

University – Department of Bioinformatics – Genome Institute

Genome research is continually generating large files. After completing phases of research the files are getting even larger (next part of the genome is added).

Thanks to LizardFS it is possible to write only the part that is added – the rest of the file remains the same because the chunks have not changed. Plug and Scale is important as the need for Data Storage is constantly growing.


We know technologies that are able to conduct real-time stream processing and analysis. However that only gives us insight on what is happening right now. For a more complex view, trends, comparisons with previous events etc, we need historical data which needs to be stored somewhere. Bearing in mind that in a lot of cases “no data to be erased” approach is taken.

The solution required needs to have good scaling ability. Such storage solutions also need to be able to deliver the data in a timely manner.  LizardFS proved itself to be great storage solution for SAS Analytics because of its scalability and performance.


Storage for data from Telecommunication devices.

Telecommunication devices are gathering more and more data. It’s not only voicemail but calls, messages and more importantly logs. As LizardFS is able to hold many concurrent clients it’s possible to connect many data sources.

Big Data

Bigger telecommunication companies are already using Big Data. LizardFS proved itself as an excellent storage solution for Elastic Search.

Data Security is also very  important so thanks to Custom Goals it is easy to create Disaster Recovery Solutions by storing additional copies in a different Data Center