LizardFS 3.13-rc3 arrived!

Implementing new features and testing them took us a bit more time than we expected, but the performance and quality of LizardFS 3.13-rc3 are attributes that are especially important to us. We have been always saying that we value them the most and we are proud of achieving a huge milestone in our journey towards the final version of LizardFS 3.13.


# What’s new

Updated packaging for current releases of popular distributions:
– Debian 10.4;
– Ubuntu 20.04;
– CentOS 8# Known issues by severity.

## grave

– upgrading from 3.12 to 3.13 can potentially lose EC chunks.

## major

– seekdir/telldir does not work properly, especially seekdir with negative offsets;
– chunk replicated onto a drive that fails during a write can end up in limbo state (undergoal) until chunkserver is restarted.

## minor

– uRaft package is not integrated yet (not ready for use);
– Ganesha has not been tested yet;
– chunk rebalancing behavior is flaky (is some scenarios it takes more time than it should).

# Future plans

LizardFS team plans for two more rc versions before an actual 3.13 release:
– rc4 – fix all known grave and major issues;
– rc5 – integration of uRaft and Ganesha.

We would like to note that it wouldn’t be possible without our Community, so we want to express our gratitude for your patience and support.

We are going to show you our core team members soon. The new tab is going to appear on our webpage. We believe you would love to meet those heroes who are bringing LizardFS back to its fame and glory.

Almost forgotten: we recently launched our brand-new website. Hope you like it.

The letter from our CTO Marcin Konarski will be posted later. We believe you would love to hear from a person responsible for LizardFS’ development.

Install it, run it and let us know what you think. Bon appetit!