Customer: Platige Image

Solution: Native Windows Client, 4 x 1Gb network

Benefits: scalability, high availability, no vendor lock-in and reduced maintenance


Platige Image is a creative studio specializing in composing CGI, 3D animation, and digital special effects. Platige combines film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education and entertainment. The studio attracts and creates revolutionary ideas and innovations, which is why it has been internationally recognized with over 200 awards and honors. Platige has also been nominated for an Oscar, the Golden Palm at Cannes, and the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

The team is comprised of 150 professionals: directors, graphic designers, producers as well as dedicated IT professionals, who ensure the back-end IT infrastructure delivers to meet expectations. Its staff is passionate about experimenting with new media and technologies, such as open-source based solutions like LizardFS.

Business challenge

Due to the ongoing success of the studio the storage capacity needed to be scaled quickly in order to meet project deadlines. Several software-defined storage solutions were considered and tested. The requirements required the solution to be able to serve data efficiently, be highly scalable, reduce downtime and offer a low cost per Terabyte.


LizardFS was able to answer this challenge through its own algorithms, as each written file is divided into chunks before being stored on numerous disks and nodes. This in turn allows the chunks to be accessed simultaneously. Being free of vendor-lock in and hardware transparent, LizardFS allows Platige Image to invest into its storage infrastructure at its own pace.

Thus giving Platige Image the flexibility to manage its growth and choose hardware from a wide set of vendors. Beside installing LizardFS, the Skytechnology team supported Platige Image with network troubleshooting and fine tuning of the whole installation.

“We checked a few different solutions and LizardFS was in the end the obvious choice for us. We were surprised by the simplicity of setting up a storage cluster with LizardFS. Even though I was doing it for the first time I had the cluster up and running within few hours. I also really liked the fact that our Windows clients could access the storage ‘out of the box’ without the need for additional configuration.”

Tomasz Zając,
Platige Image.

“Working with Platige Image makes us very proud, it is as if LizardFS got nominated for an Oscar. Platige sets the highest standards when it comes to animation and imagery and of course Platige requires a lot from us as a business partner. The nature of their business is the creation of immense amount of data that needs to be stored in an efficient and flexible way, whilst at the same time ensuring availability and data safety.”

Adam Ochmański,


We provided Platige Image with a higher flexibility with regards to the choice of hardware vendors as well as the improved data availability, thus allowing the team to focus its attention on delivering world class media to the world.