Customer: Orange Polska

Solution: LizardFS, NL-SAS, 10G Network, storage nodes with 500 TB

Benefits: scalability, efficiency, data loss prevention, no downtime, open-source, no vendor lock-in


Orange Polska is one of Poland’s biggest telecommunication companies serving around 20 million customers. It is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and employs nearly 17 000 people. Being active in numerous business fields; including the provision of mobile and Internet network services, television, mobile banking services and energy, Orange Polska is also supported by a highly scalable IT infrastructure that uses a number of versatile solutions.

Business challenge

Orange Polska’s services and customer base are constantly expanding, meaning the quantity of data generated is always increasing. Orange uses Elasticsearch, a tool used for analyzing big data that requires a highly flexible storage solution. The solution has to be able to serve data efficiently, be scalable, without downtime and have a low cost per TB.

Because the storage infrastructure needs to be highly scalable, Orange did not consider traditional disk arrays – prohibitively expensive pricing and limited scalability presented significant obstacles. Orange decided that a new, fresh approach needed to be taken.


When in need of versatility, software-defined storage LizardFS brings an unparalleled value. LizardFS entire approach to storage infrastructure is innovative; as the solution is entirely hardware transparent and allows Orange to use commodity hardware.

Orange opted for NL-SAS disks, thus allowing for a high IOPS output. The overall performance achieved was not only the result of the type of disks used or the 10G network but in great part due to the unique way LizardFS processes and serves data. When written each file is divided into parts (chunks) before being stored on numerous disks and nodes. This, in turn, allows the chunks to be accessed simultaneously.

Furthermore, with help of erasure coding and the high availability feature set, the data is always accessible – even in case of a storage node failure, the storage infrastructure continues to be highly available. The remaining nodes will automatically start to re-establish the originally set level of replication policy by moving data onto available drives.

“LizardFS surprised us by its performance and flexibility. We are still discovering new areas in which this great solution can be implemented.”

Tomasz Sucharzewski,
Lead Solution Architect,
Orange Polska

“We are so proud to fulfill the high expectations of yet another customer. This is proof of what we can achieve by working closely together, resulting in an excellent value to their business.”

Szymon Haly,
Chief Satisfaction Officer,


In its finality, the storage infrastructure implemented for Orange Polska consisted of 6 storage nodes serving approximately 500 TB of data. LizardFS fulfilled the needs of Orange by delivering an efficient, highly available, competitively priced storage solution. Furthermore, the inherent scalability of this solution makes further, ongoing growth of the storage infrastructure possible. We have a clear goal which we have set ourselves – to deliver the best Software Defined Storage solution. However, even when we reach our current objective, we know we will not stop innovating. Check out the new version of LizardFS and judge for yourself. LizardFS is available on the official Debian and Ubuntu repositories.