Customer: FACS

Solution: LizardFS, NL-SAS, 10G Network, storage nodes with 500 TB

Benefits: scalability, efficiency, data loss prevention, no downtime, open-source, no vendor lock-in, remote office data access


The Foundation for Advanced Computer Studies (FACS) is a non-for-profit research and application institution, which deals with education, software and consultancy in the field of computer science, in particular in the domain of knowledge mining, multimedia information systems, database management systems and the Internet.

The FACS Foundation is a strong FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) supporter and advocate.

Business challenge

Facs as an organization that supports development and popularisation of free software were in need for a platform which would enable them to both store and distribute free software and related data throughout the projects and companies that they are working with. Due to the nature of the business, they needed 100% availability of the storage and reasonable read/write performance. LizardFS enables them to manage the storage centrally as a single name space and at the same time set up local storage nodes (chunk servers) in geographically separated locations. Furthermore, their requirements included:

  • Base storage platform functioning as a NAS replacement and backup platform for the whole organization.
  • storage base for corporate file sharing platform (
  • Voice Biometrics Authentication Platform.
  • data security in case of data loss.


LizardFS along with Womback creates an out of the box platform for secure file storage and distribution. The setup consists of 5 chunkservers centrally and some additional ones in other locations depending on current needs. Data is written locally and then replicated to remote locations as needed. Using the topology data is written to the closest chunkservers providing the required performance. After replication, it can be also read directly from the main location. Labels allow for dedicated addition of backup datastores on the fly as well as tiering of faster and slower resources to the respective data types.

Utilising Womback allows for easy and secure access to and synchronization of all data required for roaming users in and outside the office.

FACS is expecting rapid growth thus Plug and Scale functionality will come to play shortly.

“Foundation for Advanced Computer Science requires specific features depending on a project. LizardFS gives us great flexibility in regards to manage the performance and location of data.”

Aleksander Winnicki
President of the Board

“We are proud to support Foundation for Advanced Computer Science in their efforts to popularize FOSS. Working with people with a similar mind set gives a lot of satisfaction. FACS is a proof that the open source idea can have a lot of synergies – LizardFS is supporting the organisation that helps other open source solution to grow.”

Michał Bielicki,
Community manager,


For FACS LizardFS was the obvious choice. Simplicity, functionality and performance helped to overcome the challenges. The solution is working for FACS so well that the Foundation decided to recommend it to other companies as well becoming Business Partner with Skytechnology.