Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certification for LizardFS

Are you using Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Well – there is good news!

LizardFS has gone and got itself certified to run on RHEL and is now a Red Hat technology partner.

This is a result of requests from many of our customers which cannot use open source software without support.

More certifications are coming soon – so stay tuned!



Cebit with LizardFS

Are you coming to Hannover in March this year?

Want to reduce storage costs? Increase performance? eradicate storage related downtime? exit costly vendor lock-in? Enjoy scalability?

Media, healthcare, genomics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, finance etc etc

Basically any company, research facility, educational institute, medical facility, financial institute that finds itself storing data can benefit from LizardFS.

Also as LizardFS is rapidly growing in popularity around the globe, we are actively searching for partners to market and distribute our software.

The world is our oyster, we know no bounds!

Lets meet to discuss.

To schedule a meeting drop us an email:


Coming to Wolves Summit?

Another occasion to meet some of the team behind LizardFS – this time in Warsaw.

Save the date and if you would like to have a chat give us a shout and schedule a meeting:

Looking forward to see you!

LizardFS Team attending the Vault Conference!

Coming to Boston!

We will be happy to meet our friends, community members and also prospective partners.

Interested in storage technologies? Would like to know more about probably the best distributed file system in the world?

To schedule a meeting just drop us an email:

Looking forward to see you there!


LizardFS File System Plugin for Hadoop beta version being tested by key customers.

Entering the Big Data World.

After months of research, design and development we can share with you some information.

The first version to enable LizardFS to work with Hadoop is being tested by our key customers.

Results should be available shortly.

Won’t  be the only news about LizardFS and Big Data so stay tuned!