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Storage for OpenNebula Cloud

LizardFS TM drivers for OpenNebula Based on the original OpenNebula code, changes by Carlo Daffara (NodeWeaver Srl) 2017-2018 For information and requests: info@nodeweaver.eu To contribute bug patches or new features, you can use the GitHub Pull Request model. Code and documentation are under the Apache License 2.0 like OpenNebula. This is the same set of […]

Hostersi implemented LizardFS as a storage to simplify administration and increase performance of Webankieta.pl platform

Webankieta is a system for creating questionnaires. It serves such prestigious clients as ING Bank Slaski, Deutsche Bank, BZWBK, Itaka, Medicover, PKP, PZU, Danone, Jysk, Polska Press Grupa. Implementation Hostersi first configured their new infrastructure and migrated the systems to a new Data Center in order to eliminate some of the bottlenecks and challenges it […]

Open Source changing media sector.

                It is a general trend which is getting stronger and stronger. Moving away from closed-source, proprietary solutions to COTS, open infrastructure, solutions that enable people to use commodity hardware. You could see that in a couple of talks at #NABshow. People are not only working on them, […]

Hadoop plugin for LizardFS is here!

As everything that we do Hadoop Plugin for LizardFS is as simple as we could make it. This is a java based solution allowing Hadoop to use LizardFS storage, implementing an HDFS interface to LizardFS. It functions as kind of a File System Abstraction Layer. It enables you to use Hadoop jobs to directly access the data […]

LizardFS at FOSDEM 2018

Even stronger presence this year. You can meet us: in our booth building K level 1 group C, also join us for Lightening Talk to see the grand premiere of OpenNebula connector: https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/lizardfs_opennebula/ and find out what was going on at LizardFS in 2017 “Year in development” in the Software Defined Storage room: https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/lizardfs/ Stay […]

LizardFS 3.12 official release.

  It is official now. After a few weeks of tests with positive feedback from the community and our beta testers, LizardFS 3.12 is out. With promising initial feedback like: “it’s a huge step forward” or “with RichACLs there is no doubt it is a great enterprise product” we cannot wait to hear the outcomes […]