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LizardFS in QNAP club.

Have you ever run out of storage on your QNAP box? If you would like to connect a few of them together and create scale-out storage cluster from them it has never been easier. LizardFS can now be directly downloaded from QNAP club. Enjoy! https://qnapclub.eu/en/qpkg/602

Running multiple chunkservers on the same machine.

Chunkserver as a service   Prepare another mfschunkserver.cfg file for the new chunkserver in a different path, let’s call it /etc/chunkserver2.cfg Prepare another mfshdd.cfg file for the new chunkserver in a different path, let’s call it /etc/hdd2.cfg Set HDD_CONF_FILENAME in chunkserver2.cfg file to the path of newly prepared mfshdd.cfg file, in this example /etc/hdd2.cfg Set […]

Release Candidate of LizardFS 3.13 with built in High Availability finally out!

Dear Users, 3.13.0-rc1 (release candidate) is officially out! Featuring: uRaft High Availability fixes to EC handling nfs-ganesha plugin changed to use only C code reduced number of secondary group retrievals new fuse3 client many fixes Detailed info: uRaft HA * uRaft is HA solution designed for use with LizardFS. It allows for seamless switching of  the […]

Storage for OpenNebula Cloud

You can now use LizardFS as a Cloud Storage in your OpenNebula deployments. Scaling it to Petabytes and beyond was never easier – just add a drive or a node and the system will autobalance itself.   LizardFS TM drivers for OpenNebula Based on the original OpenNebula code, changes by Carlo Daffara (NodeWeaver Srl) 2017-2018 […]

Hostersi implemented LizardFS as a storage to simplify administration and increase performance of Webankieta.pl platform

Webankieta is a system for creating questionnaires. It serves such prestigious clients as ING Bank Slaski, Deutsche Bank, BZWBK, Itaka, Medicover, PKP, PZU, Danone, Jysk, Polska Press Grupa. Implementation Hostersi first configured their new infrastructure and migrated the systems to a new Data Center in order to eliminate some of the bottlenecks and challenges it […]

Open Source changing media sector.

                It is a general trend which is getting stronger and stronger. Moving away from closed-source, proprietary solutions to COTS, open infrastructure, solutions that enable people to use commodity hardware. You could see that in a couple of talks at #NABshow. People are not only working on them, […]

Hadoop plugin for LizardFS is here!

As everything that we do Hadoop Plugin for LizardFS is as simple as we could make it. This is a java based solution allowing Hadoop to use LizardFS storage, implementing an HDFS interface to LizardFS. It functions as kind of a File System Abstraction Layer. It enables you to use Hadoop jobs to directly access the data […]