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LizardFS developer profile

Hi, my name is Przemysław (pronounced pshemyswav), Przemek for short. I come from Poland.   I was born in Lublin. I could give you details like it’s the ninth largest city in Poland etc, but it’s just another ordinary city in Poland. Nothing particularly interesting about it to be honest.   After high school in […]

Introduction to the community

My name is Patryk, I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, not Indiana. Warsaw is a fantastic city to live in and has a large amount of very talented programmers. I speak Polish and English fluently, dabbled a bit in German, Spanish and Italian for a few years. Now, I could probably manage ordering […]

Version 3.13.0-rc2

A Promise is a Promise!   The first 2 major bug fixes in 3.13.0-rc1 have been completed! https://lizardfs.com/download/   Next we move on to finishing 3.13 by the end of the year. I hope this starts to restore some faith in the project from the community. We need you to make it work!   We […]