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Community Article #8

  Hi everyone, my name is Wessam Aly. I’m from Egypt. I speak English, French, and Arabic. I’m also pretty fluent in C, and I do some coding in Python, Perl and Go as well. I have personally implemented and tested quite a few distributed file systems already, namely Ceph, OpenIO SDS, Minio, GlusterFS and obviously […]

Community Article #7

Hi there, I’m just back from the Tet holiday, the Lunar New year in Asia and it’s nice to write something about LizardFS, which in my opinion was the best distributed software storage when I was looking for a solution to our storage issues. My name is Nhan Pham T. I live in Ho Chi […]

Community Article #6

My name is Carlo Daffara, from Udine, Italy. A very small town 100KM north-east of Venice. I speak Italian and English; as for coding- I started many, many years ago with 6502 assembly and Pascal. Now, mostly Go, Bash and some python. I have worked in the field of distributed systems for a long time; […]

Community Article #5

Hi my name is Adri Istwan Mansor, I am from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (GMT+8).  Actually it’s south east Asia, has great cheap food and very friendly mixed Malay-Chinese-Indian-Aborigines people. We went from an insanely slow ADSL to fiber throughout the whole nation of 20 million people in a few years. So after fiberizing the […]

Community Article #4

My name is Navid Malek Ghaini. I was born in Tehran, Iran. Iran is a very beautiful country, especially from nature and historical perspective (have a look). I’ve recently graduated from Sharif University of Technology which is the highest-ranking university of the nation and also recognized internationally (most of the graduates apply for the top […]

LizardFS Community Article #3

Hi my name is Nick Coons. I was born in Phoenix, AZ (USA) and have lived here my whole life, though I do like to travel quite a lot. Everyone knows that our summers are hot, and that once the temperature drops below 70F (21c) it’s jacket weather. What a lot of people don’t know […]

LizardFS Community article #2

Hi, my name is Tony Travis. Born in Preston, Lancashire, UK. An old Mill-Town that used to be famous for weaving cotton. It’s up north as the southerners say, although when I moved to Aberdeen they would call me a southerner, Confused? Mee too! I’m a computer-literate biologist fluent in 6502 assembly,Forth,C/C++, Fortran,Ratfor,Java,Perl,Python,R,awk, with more […]

Community member article

My Name is Luca Beltrame, I was born in Milan, the second largest city in Italy, which also hosts a large number of scientific institutions. I got a degree in Biotechnology in 2002 and moved into scientific research: while I initially started working as a bench scientist, in 2005, during the course of my Ph.D., […]

LizardFS developer article

Hi, my name is Krzysztof (shishtof), Born in Wołomin and have been living in Kobyłka almost my entire life. They are both pretty small cities close to Warsaw, where not much is ever happening, that’s why I’m currently moving to Warsaw. I speak English, Polish and a little bit of German, which I was recently […]

LizardFS developer profile

Hi, my name is Przemysław (pronounced pshemyswav), Przemek for short. I come from Poland.   I was born in Lublin. I could give you details like it’s the ninth largest city in Poland etc, but it’s just another ordinary city in Poland. Nothing particularly interesting about it to be honest.   After high school in […]