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Storage for OpenNebula Cloud

You can now use LizardFS as a Cloud Storage in your OpenNebula deployments.

Scaling it to Petabytes and beyond was never easier – just add a drive or a node and the system will autobalance itself.


LizardFS TM drivers for OpenNebula

Based on the original OpenNebula code, changes by Carlo Daffara (NodeWeaver Srl) 2017-2018

For information and requests: info@nodeweaver.eu

To contribute bug patches or new features, you can use the GitHub Pull Request model.

Code and documentation are under the Apache License 2.0 like OpenNebula.

This is the same set of drivers used within our NodeWeaver platform, compatible with Lizardfs 3.x and OpenNebula 5.4.x


  • lizardfs command executable by the user that launch the OpenNebula probes (usually oneadmin) and in the default path
  • the lizardfs datastore must be mounted and reachable from all the nodes where the TM drivers are in use, and with the same path

The TM drivers are derived from the latest 5.4.3 “shared” TM drivers, with all the copies and other operations modified to use the live snapshot feature of LizardFS.

To install in OpenNebula

Copy the drivers in /var/lib/one/remotes/tm/lizardfs

# fix ownership

# is you have changed the default user and group of OpenNebula, substitute  oneadmin.onedadmin with <installationuser>.<installationgroup>

chown -R oneadmin.oneadmin /var/lib/one/remotes/tm/lizardfs

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