Hostersi implemented LizardFS as a storage to simplify administration and increase performance of platform

Webankieta is a system for creating questionnaires. It serves such prestigious clients as ING Bank Slaski, Deutsche Bank, BZWBK, Itaka, Medicover, PKP, PZU, Danone, Jysk, Polska Press Grupa.


Hostersi first configured their new infrastructure and migrated the systems to a new Data Center in order to eliminate some of the bottlenecks and challenges it was experiencing.

The changes implemented by Hostersi resulted in full redundancy and High Availability. That means that even if a substantial part of the Customers infrastructure should fail, users would not even notice it.

In order to increase the performance of the applications, Hostersi implemented HTTP2 protocol. Another part of the project was to provide fast access to the platform from anywhere by implementing CDN (Content Delivery Network). The level of security was increased by building in DDoS Prevention mechanisms. Upgrading the overall infrastructure eliminating major security gaps related to meltdown.

Last (but not least) part of the project was the implementation of the log management tools set ELK Stack that consists of Elasticsearch (text search engine), Logstash (log aggregation) and Kibana (visualization).

The parallel Distributed Geo-Redundant File System LizardFS was used for storing and aggregating data from many applications before it gets to ELK.

Thanks to that configuration (Elasticsearch and LizardFS) Hostersi managed to build a storage with searching capabilities that are compliant with GDPR.

Data aggregation due to security precautions is done from flat files. These files are later processed by parsers in Logstash. The whole process is done this way so data can return to the canonical state of a log.

Thanks to LizardFS Hostersi can scale both up and down simply by adding a drive or a node – the system will automatically balance itself.

LizardFS being totally hardware agnosticism enables Hostersi to use their existing infrastructure and gives them the possibility to exit vendor lock-in if they are buying any new commodity components.

LizardFS and Elasticsearch are open source products, you can install them on existing infrastructure. They enable you to create a platform for content management and storage in a cost-effective way. High Availability and extreme scalability are just a few added value features provided by LizardFS.


LizardFS multilingual – manual in Russian

We are so grateful to the people that contribute to our project. Recently thanks to Andrew Mind there is a LizardFS manual available in Russian.
Next contributions are coming up shortly so stay tuned!